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19th March 2020

Thank you to all parents and staff for your understanding and patience at this time of uncertainty. Your children have been extremely sensible and adaptable during the last two weeks of additional hand-washing and other hygiene measures and you should be proud of them. Thank you also to all members of staff who have shown an enormous degree of diligence when caring for children.

As you will be aware, from next week school will only be open for a small number of children until further notice. At this point in time I am not certain how long the closure will last but indications are that it will be for a longer period, not a shorter one.

The children for whom school will be open are as follows:

  • Children with an Education, Health & Care Plan
  • Children who have a designated social worker
  • Children whose parents are a designated key worker.

This last category has yet to be defined by the government but is likely to include jobs such as, frontline NHS staff, teachers, lorry drivers, children’s social care staff, care workers etc. Advice given this afternoon by Bury LA is that this will only apply to parents who have to work and have no other family member to care for children. The expectation is that parents who are not key workers will provide child care.

Please let us know tomorrow if you think that you may qualify as a designated key worker.

For children who are not in school we have provided work packs  on the class pages on our website. These will be updated by teachers when necessary and children will be provided with an exercise book in which to work.

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