End of year gifts etc
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9th July 2020

As you are aware, at the current time we are heavily restricting the number of items (and people) who come in and out of the school building in order to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

The end of the school year is usually a time when lots of items are sent home (old school books, pictures etc) or brought into school (gifts for friends or teachers). I’m afraid that this year, because of Covid-19 restrictions this cannot happen. As previously mentioned we will not be sending school books home this year and teachers will not be able to accepts gifts from children and their families.

The same rule will apply to Year 6 children, who traditionally would bring a spare shirt and pens to be signed by their friends and teachers. Due to the ongoing restrictions this tradition cannot take place this year.

Whilst is not the way that I would want to end the year it is important that we are all vigilant so that we can make the new school year in September as positive and as problem free as possible.

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