January 2021 – Numbers Of Children In School
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11th January 2021

Thank you to all parents, children and staff who have worked so hard to make last week and the beginning of this week a success. The short notice that we were all given about school closures meant that people had to work incredibly hard to get everything up and running.

I’m sure that you will be aware of the concern expressed nationally about the large numbers of children attending school. Whilst it is vital that critical workers are able to go to work to keep the country running and to fight Covid-19 it is also vital that there are as few contacts between people as possible, including in schools. The purpose of school closures is to reduce the number of contacts in the community and in a meeting last week between headteachers, the local authority and public health professionals the public health professionals were horrified at the number of children still attending schools. They were extremely concerned about the impact school attendance would have on reducing the spread of the virus.

DfE guidance is very clear that if parents, including critical workers, can possibly keep their children at home then they should do so, only sending them in to school when absolutely necessary.

Thank you for all your kind words about the quality of remote education be offered at Hollins Grundy. I am incredibly proud of all of our staff, whether they are working from home or at school. We will keep adding to the remote education we provide and aiming to make it second to none.

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