July 2021 – End of Year reports
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14th July 2021

We will be sending out end of year reports on Thursday 15th July (tomorrow). Reports will be emailed rather than sent on paper as we did last year.

Most children will receive two documents: their academic report and their attendance summary. Children in Year 1 and Year 2 will also receive a Phonic Check report.

If you would like to respond to your child’s report please email your response to the class teacher at the class email address.

An explanation of the attendance codes is copied below:

* – Not Yet Marked
/ – Present
B – Educated off site (NOT Dual reg.)
C – Other Authorised Circumstances
D – Dual registration (attend elsewhere)
E – Excluded (no alternative provision)
G – Family holiday (NOT agreed)
H – Family holiday (agreed)
I – Illness (NOT medical or dental)
   I01 – Illness
   I02 – Illness – Confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19)
J – Interview
L – Late (before registers closed)
M – Medical/Dental appointments
N – No reason yet provided for absence
O – Unauthorised absence
P – Approved sporting activity
R – Religious observance
S – Study leave
T – Traveller absence
U – Late (after registers closed)
V – Educational visit or trip
W – Work experience
X – COVID related/Non-compulsory school age absence
   X01 – Non compulsory school age pupil not required to be in school
   X02 – Pupil self-isolating with coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms
   X03 – Pupil self-isolating due to potential contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) inside the school setting
   X04 – Pupil self-isolating due to potential contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) outside the school setting
   X05 – Pupils required to self-isolate as part of quarantine requirement (after arriving in the UK from a non-exempt country or territory)
   X06 – Pupil shielding because they are clinically extremely vulnerable and have been advised specifically by their Doctor or public health authority not to attend school
   X07 – Pupil advised specifically not to attend school as part of specific attendance restrictions to education settings set out in Government advice
Y – Unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances
Z – Pupil not on roll


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