July 2021 – Euros Final & Monday school times
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9th July 2021

Like you, we’re all looking forward to the final on Sunday evening. We’re anticipating a long night whatever the result.

School will be open at the usual time on Monday morning (as will Owls Club). We will be completing the registers in the usual way, so if children arrive after 9.00 they will receive an L mark. We need an accurate count of who is in the building at any one time in case of fire or other emergency. End of year attendance reports have already been prepared so Monday will have no effect on these. Children managed perfectly well on Wednesday this week so I’m sure that this will also be the case on Monday.

If, however, children do arrive late on Monday please make sure that they enter through the main front door. If children are late because of the football please be open about this; if you say they were ill we will have to insist on a PCR test. Also, please note that our kitchen staff will not be able to cook school meals for any children arriving after 10.30. Children arriving after that time must bring a packed lunch with them.

Many thanks

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