July 2022 – Governing body thanks & election
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18th July 2022

Many thanks to all the members of our governing body who have supported the school with dedication and skill for the past academic year.

In particular I would like to thank three governors who will be stepping down at the end of this year:

Mo Imran has done an incredible job as Chair of Governors for the past few years. He has listened, challenged and supported the school with a calm dedication which will be sorely missed. He has always stood up for what has been best for the children of Hollins Grundy and deserves great praise.

Janine Hannan has chaired our Personnel and Finance committee and Karen Morris has chaired our curriculum committee and both have shown great dedication and commitment in getting the best for all of our children. Thank you to both of them for their skill and dedication.

I wish all of our departing governors all the best in what lies ahead of them in the future.

To fill their roles we will be having an election for parent governors in the new school year, early in September. If any parents are interested in putting themselves forward for election please consider it over the summer and then contact myself in the new school year to discuss things further.

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