June 2021 – Sports Days this week
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21st June 2021

We are very much looking forward to our sports afternoons this week; hopefully the weather will hold.

Tuesday 22nd June – 1.30pm – Reception, Year 1 & Year 2

Wednesday 23rd June – 2.00pm – Year 3 & Year 4

Thursday 24th June – 2.00pm – Year 5 & Year 6

In order to make the events go smoothly and safely I have a few requests.

Parking – As you know, the lane can be very busy at times and there are often lorries trying to get to the works at the bottom of the lane. Please would all parents ensure that they park in a way that leaves the lane clear for all vehicles to get up and down the lane freely.

Social Distancing – Many schools in Bury, including primary schools, are once again in a position of having to close year group bubbles due to positive Covid-19 test results in children. I am anxious that all the hard work and vigilance of staff and families at Hollins Grundy isn’t undermined as we get towards the end of the term. It is really important that sports days are fun for all but that we maintain distance between all groups.

Please would parents make sure that they keep to their side of the track and watch, cheer and enjoy the races without approaching their children or staff. We will make sure that children have all they need to compete and enjoy the afternoon.

Photographs – You are welcome to take photos of your children during the afternoon, but please don’t break social distancing guidelines do so. Additionally, please make sure that your photos don’t contain images of other people’s children which are then shared without consent.

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