June 2022 – Inclusion Quality Mark
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16th June 2022

On Monday 20th June we will be hosting visitors from Bury LA Inclusion Team who be assessing the school for the Bury Inclusion Quality Mark. The visitors will be judging how well we take account of children’s individual differences and needs to make sure that we are able to offer the best education possible which takes account of children’s needs, whether they be educational, medical, social or anything else. We have invited the team in because we think this is a strength of the school and we’d welcome the chance to celebrate this, as well as gain feedback to help us to improve.

The assessment will involve observing classes, talking with children and staff and also, if possible, talking to parents. The team will be outside school when the gates open on Monday morning and may approach you with a few short questions. If you’d like to seek them out and pass on your opinion that would be OK too.

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