March 2021 – Packed Lunch Advice
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25th March 2021

Packed Lunches Brought From Home

Packed Lunch Contents Advice:

Developing and encouraging healthy eating habits in childhood can influence health and well-being in later life. Please help us to promote healthy eating when thinking about the contents of your child’s packed lunch.

  • Put in a sandwich with a good protein source (meat, fish, cheese, vegetarian-meat substitute) is a better choice for energy to learn, muscle and brain development.
  • A good balance of protein, healthy carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, pasta salad, rice salad) and fruit/vegetables and minimal refined sugar snacks and drinks help ensure your child has all the energy they need to have a great afternoon at school.
  • Please do not send your child with fizzy drinks, glass bottles/containers (can shatter) or chocolate bars.
  • You can find ideas for healthy packed lunches at

Please remember that we are a nut free school (to protect children with allergies) and nuts should not be brought into school in either snacks or packed lunches.


  • Snacks can be eaten during morning playtime.
  • We encourage all pupils to have a healthy snack, to help keep their energy levels up until lunchtime.
  • Fruit is available free of charge to all KS1 children.
  • KS2 children need to bring in their own healthy snack from home.
  • Children may bring a healthy snack to eat such as cheese, fruit, vegetables or low sugar cereal bar.
  • Please do not send chocolate, biscuits, crisps or messy or time-consuming snacks e.g. yoghurt with spoon.
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