May 2021 – PCR tests for all children who are unwell
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27th May 2021

There is a surge of Covid-19 infections in Bolton, particularly of the new “Indian” variant (B.1.167). Because Bolton is so close to Bury and because the new variant is more transmissible the director of Public Health in Bury has asked that schools require all pupils who are unwell get a PCR test before returning to school.

PCR tests are easy to access and the results are currently taking less than 24 hours to come back. You can go online at to book a free test by clicking the box that says your local council has asked you to do this. For those without internet access, you can also order or book a test over the phone by calling 119. If someone
has tested positive using a PCR swab test in the last 90 days, they do not need to take another test.

If your child has been absent and has had a PCR test please come to the school office on the first day that they return to show the negative result notification. If the result is positive please inform school as soon as possible so that we can inform close contacts of the need to isolate for 10 days.

Please note, Lateral Flow Tests are not licenced for primary school age children and are not a replacement for a PCR test.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Mr Waddington

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