November 2022 – Parent/Teacher meetings
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3rd November 2022

We will be holding our next set of parents’ meetings in a couple of weeks and as we have done previously all meetings will be held via MS Teams. This allows more time for meetings and ensures that teachers are able to to stick faithfully to the arranged times. Each class will have a full day for their meetings and teachers will be in touch shortly to arrange specific times.

The dates for each class are detailed in the table below.

Date Year Group
Monday November 14th Year 5
Tuesday November 15th Year 3
Wednesday November 16th Year 2
Thursday November 17th Year 4
Monday November 21st Reception
Tuesday November 22nd Year 1
Wednesday November 23rd Year 6

In addition to the meetings detailed above children’s books will be available to view in the school hall during our Open Day on Wednesday 9th November.

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