October 2020 – Half Term Break
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23rd October 2020

Thank you to everyone in our school community for all of your hard work and commitment in getting to the end of this first half-term. As you are well aware the circumstances in which we are operating are very difficult right now, not just in school but throughout the whole of life. I am very proud of all the children, staff and parents who have coped so admirably with our new procedures.

Thanks to your hard work and vigilance we have managed to complete half a term of school with relatively little disruption. Although Year 3 and Year 5 had to isolate for 2 weeks and a number of other children have had to isolate for family reasons this has been good compared to some other schools. I am aware of some schools in Bury that have had to close fully during this half-term.

It’s really important that everyone observes Tier 3 restrictions over the holiday week so that we can continue to have school open for children after the holiday. No household mixing, no sleepovers, no playdates etc etc …

Please see the leaflets to download on the Covid-19 page.

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