October 2021 – New class meetings and gate open times
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1st October 2021

Many thanks to all the parents who attended our new class meetings over the last couple of weeks. Teachers really appreciate the chance to meet you in person (or on Teams) and run through routines and expectations with you. When we are working together consistently children are much happier, more secure and learn more successfully.

Thanks also for the way families have all adapted to the new non-staggered beginning and end of day procedures. Everything is working smoothly and we appear to be keeping Covid-19 infections at bay. Please continue to be rigorous about keeping children away from school if they have symptoms until it is confirmed that they are clear of infection by a negative PCR test.

To continue the drive to getting back fully to our old regime, from Monday 4th October, the gates will now be open from 8.45 until 8.55 in the morning. If children arrive after 8.55 please would they enter school through the main front door.

Many thanks

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