September 2020 – 05 – Punctuality & Covid -19 Isolation
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14th September 2020

As you know, in order to keep children in each class separate we have staggered start and finish times. There is a 10 minute gap between classes that use each gate which should be plenty of time to get children in or out. I have been very clear with teachers that they should be precise about the times that the gates open and close as follows:

  1. Open the gate on time to let children in (all children should arrive at school at the appropriate time)
  2. Keep the gate open for 5 minutes to let the class in
  3. Lock the gate after 5 minutes so that there is a 5 minute window for one set of parents to  disperse and the next class to arrive before the gate opens again.

I realise that this may be difficult when managing busy family schedule but if we all work together it will enable us to keep school open. I would not wish to impose a longer staggering system that might involve some classes coming into school much later as this would affect the curriculum, teaching time and would impact on parents’ abilitiy to get to work on time.

There has also been some confusion about when children should stay off school. If one family member is displaying symptoms and goes for a test then all family members must stay at home and isolate until a test result comes back negative. This includes brothers and sisters.

If someone in a child’s household has a positive test or if the child is identified as a close contact by a contact tracer then they must stay at home and isolate for 14 days. A guide can be found at the top of our policies and procedures page here:

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