Year 6 last day of term
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14th July 2020

It is hard to believe we have reached the last week of term already. It is such a shame that due to current circumstances we cannot mark the end of Year 6’s time at Hollins Grundy with the usual celebrations and leavers’ assembly. We would however like to do something to make the last day special for Year 6 and celebrate their time in school.

As well as in-class treats on the last day, (Friday 17th July) we will be having a celebration on the KS2 playground for each Year 6 bubble so that they can parade out in a blaze of glory. Mrs Gresty’s and Mrs Rhodes’s bubble will parade out from 1.00pm until 1.15pm followed by Mrs Jacques’ Year 6 bubble who will parade out at 1.15-1.30pm. Parents and carers are very welcome to come and watch and support their Year 6 children. Parents and carers can come and stand in the KS2 playground by the fence near the play equipment when it is time for their child’s bubble to parade. They can also support the other Year 6 bubble from outside the fence. We will provide you with an opportunity to take a photo of your child during the parade. We do politely ask that parents and carers do socially distance during this time.

We really hope to see you there to celebrate your child’s last day at Hollins Grundy.

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