Uniform and Jewellery



Children at Hollins Grundy are expected to wear their school uniform to school. A uniform instils a feeling of pride and belonging in children and signals to them that there are different expectations made of them during school time than would perhaps be the case if they were at home or playing out. A uniform also ensures that children are free from the pressures of conforming to the latest trends and the worry associated with not being able to wear the latest trainers or other accessories.

Our school uniform consists of:

  • Red sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan with the school logo
  • White polo shirt with the school logo or plain white shirt
  • Black or charcoal grey trousers / shorts / skirt
  • Grey or White socks
  • Plain grey, white or red tights
  • Black shoes (black trainers are not acceptable)
  • Red Fleece with school logo
  • Showerproof jacket with fleece lining and school logo
  • In the summer, red & white gingham dresses may be worn

These items are available from Goodies school uniform website here:


The general Goodies website is here: http://gooddies.co.uk

It is also perfectly acceptable for children to wear plain items with no logo from other shops as long as they are the correct colour.

All school uniform should be clearly named, preferably with stitched in tape labels rather than marker pen.


PE Kit

Children should have the correct PE kit for every PE lesson. Currently children in Years 3 to 6 should come to school in their PE kit on days when PE is happening. Children in Reception and Years 1 & 2 should bring their kit on PE days as they need to practice getting changed independently.

  • T-Shirt with the school logo in the appropriate house colour (Autumn – red; Winter – blue; Spring – green; Summer – yellow)
  • Black Shorts
  • Black slip on pumps

In colder weather children may wear plain black or grey sweatpants or leggings and tops over their PE kit when doing games outside and wear appropriate outdoor trainers.

Children should not wear football kits or casual gym-wear for PE lessons. Children without the correct kit will not be allowed to take part in PE lessons.



In general primary age children have no need to wear jewellery other than a watch which will help them to learn to tell the time.

Some children however do have their ears pierced and in this case earrings should be small studs which children can remove and replace independently for PE and swimming lessons. If earrings cannot be removed and replaced independently children will not be allowed to take part in PE or swimming lessons.

For safety reasons, and to protect potentially valuable items no other forms of jewellery (such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, false nails, very large, ornate headbands) should be worn during school time.


There may be times when parents feel that for cultural or religious reasons we should make exceptions to these rules. If so, requests should be made in writing to Mr Waddington.

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