Physical Education

Hollins Grundy recognises the importance of PE with the primary phase curriculum. We provide opportunities for all pupils to participate in both competitive and non-competitive sports and activities through a clearly planned, engaging, and relevant curriculum. Hollins Grundy recognises that physical development in a safe, supportive and challenging environment is a vital component in the development of children’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

We encourage healthy lifestyles in our pupils by promoting the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. We also encourage pupils to be responsible sports fans and to enjoy sport positively as a recreation.

Here at Hollins Grundy, Physical Education covers the areas of dance, gymnastics, games, swimming and outdoor education. Our children are taught to develop their own physical abilities by practising the many and varied skills of physical education such as balancing, throwing and catching. We try to encourage a healthy attitude to life in our children by backing the physical activities that the children are involved in by looking at health education issues.

PE is taught as a stand-alone lesson twice a week in every year group. We use Primary PE Planning scheme as an aid to enhance our teaching of the subject, which helps to build skills needed for a variety of sports and games to allow every child to access different sports throughout their time at our school. Alongside our new scheme from September 2021, we also have teamed up with Ed start sports coaching, in order to give every class a term of being taught specific sports by a qualified sports coach. In addition to this, in Year 3 children will also take part in swimming lessons once a week and this will be tracked through to Year 6.

We also encourage children to take part in different sports and physical activities outside of school. Therefore, we have a school football team and netball team, which take part in competitions and matches set up by PWJSSA. Other extra-curricular activities we offer are cross country, dance, mini sports and team games, dance, chess and walking bus.

We carefully consider each child’s starting point and how they learn best to ensure that there are opportunities for children of all abilities, including those with SEND, to make good progress from their starting point in PE.

We assess the impact of our teaching in PE by tracking children’s progress using our curriculum intent grids. We observe children’s performances and monitor their learning throughout PE lessons and sports games we play.


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