Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 class page.

Your class email address is

Please use the email address above to ask teachers questions about the home learning tasks and to share some of your children’s work with them. You could also us our school Twitter account (@hollinsgrundy) to share your children’s work more widely. Teachers will shortly getting in touch with you to give you log in information about the SeeSaw app which will enable more interaction between teachers, children and their families.

Please see the video link to show parents how to login to Seesaw-

We are preparing to gradually welcome children back to school and hope to see you all soon.

Many thanks, Mr Waddington

Updated 13th July 2020.

Hello Year 4,

I hope that you have had a good week. I am really excited to see you all this week for our ‘Keeping in Touch’ sessions. If you haven’t already, could you please let me know if your child is attending or not through our class email. It is crazy to think that this is our final week of Home Learning and our final week in year 4 before the Summer holidays! Please see the final tasks below and remember that we set additional tasks on Seesaw.

Here are some links that parents have found useful. I will keep these links on the website for you to refer to.
Remember to let me know if you have found any other sites useful and I can add them to the list.

Take care,

Miss Allen x

Message from Mrs Rhodes 13th July 2020

Hi Year 4,

This week in RE you will consider some of the responsibilities of belonging to a global community.

Look through the powerpoint to find out what makes a global community.

You could use the internet, books or other sources of information to find out more about the perspectives described on the Earth Guardians sheet. In the space provided, you should write a bullet-point list of the responsibilities for the environment that you feel are most important as global citizens.

Discuss and share your opinions.

1 star answer green questions.

2 star answer green and orange questions.

3 star answer green, orange and purple questions.

French .

Try to do a French activity from the French Learning Pack at least once/twice a week, or more often if you like!


Don’t forget to logon to charanga to enjoy listening to “Yesterday” and “Let it Be” with your new Beatle challenges. Enjoy learning and keep being amazing.

Mrs Rhodes x


Just before our school had to close, Year 3 and Year 4 had been busy practicing and gearing up to perform our co-production of ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’. Although our full performances had to be cancelled, we were able to perform a dress rehearsal for the rest of the school. The cast that performed did a stellar job and it was like watching a west end musical! Luckily, some of our super Year 6 pupils were able to take some photos of the cast as well as  some scenes in the performance. I have uploaded the cast photos below for you to see and hopefully bring back some nice memories for the children.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to upload full show clips onto the website. I have however put together some screenshots from our school performance, which can be viewed below.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Mr McKenzie x

Show screenshots – Part 1

Show screenshots – Part 2 


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