Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 class page.

In order to help parents to continue their children’s education as effectively as possible and to open channels of communication between home and school we are setting up class email addresses for each teacher. The address for your class is

As you are aware, teachers are posting learning tasks and links to educational websites on their class pages on a weekly basis. The email addresses can be used to ask teachers questions about the weekly tasks and about how to teach certain aspects of the curriculum. Don’t worry about asking questions that may seem daft; it’s much better to ask than to struggle on or to avoid certain subjects or topics.

I would not expect that there would be more than one or two emails per child per week. Please limit your emails to questions about children’s learning, and the tasks which have been posted each week and don’t return completed worksheets for marking. Teachers will aim to respond within two working days but will not be responding with additional tasks for individual children.

Many thanks, Mr Waddington

25th May 2020

Hello children, parents and carers,

This week I will not be adding any new work to the class page as it is half term week. I will leave last weeks work up for you to have a little longer to complete it. Please spend this week relaxing, having fun and enjoying time at home with your family- you deserve it!

Make sure you all keep safe and keep smiling! I am missing you all and hoping to see you soon.

Miss Allen x

Message from Mrs Rhodes 18/5/2020

Hi Year 4,

This week in RE you can learn to understand why a shrine is a special place in a Hindu home. I have included a Hindu Shrines (3A )fact sheet that can  be discussed prior to undertaking this activity.
Worksheet 3A.  ( 1      activity)
Worksheet 3B. ( 2     activity)
Worksheet 3CorD. ( 3     activity)
Fancy doing something different think about your own special place and what makes it special. This could be a religious or secular place, at home, at school, outside, etc. Children to draw or describe these special places and why they are important to you using Worksheet (3D). Think carefully what objects would you consider precious enough to include in your shrine?
French .
Try to do a French activity at least once/twice a week, or more often if you like! Variety is the spice of life! Remember, the more often you practise, the better you will remember. Why not do some with your family or teach a sibling?
Don’t forget to logon to charanga to explore your new challenges. Enjoy learning and keep being amazing.

Mrs Rhodes x



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