Ethos and Values


Hollins Grundy Primary School is an inclusive school where everyone is welcomed as a member of our community. We do our best to meet everyone’s needs, to make them feel valued and to ensure that no-one is left out. We are a learning community and we understand that everyone’s learning journey continues for the whole of their life.

Whatever your place in our community, whether that be a pupil, a family member or a member of staff we believe that you should accept and reflect our ethos and values wherever you are.

Our mission statement is …

Happiness, Health and Respect for Confident, Creative Learners

Our school aims are …

  • To enable children to reach high academic standards and to instil in them a love of learning.
  • To create a happy, caring school where everyone is respected as an individual and learns to respect others.
  • To stimulate and challenge children to enable them to become confident creative learners.
  • To teach children to value and respect and engage with the community and the environment in which they live.
  • To enable children to become healthy, responsible future citizens.

To complement our mission statement and aims children have written our school prayer.

 Dear God,

Help us to treat others as we would like to be treated.

Help us to stick together and share.

Let us believe in ourselves and love who we are inside.

In our school we are happy, proud and clever, like a huge, hard-working family.



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