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Welcome to our Owls club page!

Here you can find out about our club, activities and food offerings as well as any extra information you may need.

Owls Before And After School Club work very closely with Hollins Grundy Primary School. Whilst the club operates within the school building/grounds, Owls club is a separately managed entity from the school, although many of our staff also work within the school in a different role.

Mr M. Richardson is the manager of Owls Before And After School Club.

Reserving a place

Places at Owls for your children can be booked on the Owls phone – 07801 042080 – between 7:15am – 8:50am and 3:15pm – 5:30pm

Alternatively parents can book places by contacting hollinsgrundyowlsclub@hotmail.com.

It is essential that places are pre-booked in advance to ensure we have the correct number of staff on duty. We are unfortunately limited in terms of the number of places we can offer, therefore it is essential to reserve your child’s place for the following week before 5:00pm on Friday night.

We unfortunately are unable to accept any children that have not been signed up to the club, due to our insurance. We are only able to accept children who have permanent or ‘shift-based’ places.

As Owls club is managed and goverened independently from Hollins Grundy, it is essential that any bookings/contact is made via the phone number or email above and not through the main school office or through your child’s teacher.


The children attending Owls club can take part in a wide variety of activities which vary from day to day and throughout the year depending on the season.

These include:

  • Arts and crafts (often themed to the season or events e.g. bonfire night, Spring themed)
  • Sports (indoor and outdoor sports – including dancing, football, basketball, darts etc.)
  • Reading (variety of reading books/texts with a designated, calm area)
  • Construction and modelling
  • Movie nights with snacks
  • Role-play and access to fancy dress accessories.
  • Jigsaws, puzzles and board games
  • General play and opportunities to socialise with children in other year groups.

Occasionally, we may partake in activities such as:

  • Biscuit decorations (e.g. Christmas themed biscuits)
  • Pancake decorating (e.g. Shrove Tuesday/Pancake day)
  • Cake decorating (e.g. Mothering Sunday)


Owls club is committed to providing healthy, nutritious and tasty food and drinks for children during our sessions. The manager and staff will make every effort to ensure the food provided is safely prepared and sensitive to the dietary, religious and cultural requirements of all children. Our food offering rotates seasonally to ensure a wide variety of snacks, as well as food that correlates with the seasonal weather e.g. hot, warm food in the Winter months and refreshing, colder food offerings in the warmer Summer months. The staff at Owls are keen to listen to children’s thoughts and opinions about the food offerings at our club. We are open to suggestions from the children about the food they enjoy and like. We are unable to offer personalised, individual menus but we do ensure children’s opinions are taken into consideration.

All our staff have been trained in food hygiene and preparation to ensure all food is served in a safe and sanitary manner.

Examples of the food we have offer include


  • Toast (with the option of butter, honey etc.)
  • Cereal (e.g. Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Weetabix etc.)
  • Yoghurts
  • Croissants and brioche

Afternoon snacks

Owls club offers a variety of snacks that we will rotate throughout the week. An example of a weekly menu is below

  • Monday –  Ham, chicken  or cheese wrap served with fruit and/or vegetables with water or juice.
  • Tuesday – Buffet style serving of pitta bread with cucumber and hummus, sausage rolls and/or cheese and onion rolls, cocktail sausages and/or pork pies.
  • Wednesday – Scotch pancakes served with seasonal berries.
  • Thursday – Scones with cream, jam or lemon curd.
  • Friday – Buffet style food with fruit/vegetables.

Please note – this is an example menu to provide an idea of our food offerings. The food for the week is purchased weekly; we are unfortunately unable to change the food we have prepared on the day but children can choose to have toast or fruit if they would prefer.

Pre-booked places
Once places are booked, four weeks written notice should be given if parents wish to cancel. Places cancelled with less than four weeks notice must be paid for. This also applies to situations where requests are made to change the days on which places at Owls are booked.
If you have reserved a place for your child but are collecting them at 3:30pm when school finishes, you should contact Owls via the number above before 3pm. We kindly ask that you do not pass messages relating to Owls through your child’s teacher or school office.  If no message is received, your child will be sent to Owls in the usual way and should be signed out from Owls in the usual way.

Late fees
Fees are due on the first day of the week that your child attends the club and all fees must be paid weekly. Any accounts with outstanding fees at the end of the week will be charged a £5 late payment fee for each week that the account remains in arrears.


We hope that you are happy with the before/after school club service that we provide. However, we are always open to any feedback on how we could improve our club. We do have a suggestions box available to all parents which is located by the Owls door. Please feel free to add any suggestions in here.

Please see our prospectus, available for download below, for more detailed information.

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