September 2022

The guidance below is not currently active but remains here for reference should families need it.


January 2022

Dear Parents

I appreciate all the hard work that you are doing to keep children who may have Covid-19 symptoms away from school. I also understand that it can be difficult to know what to do when the guidance changes so frequently.

Whilst the national picture is beginning to improve we are seeing more of our children in school test positive across all classes. In order to avoid further school restrictions, which could involve the reintroduction of bubbles or staggered start times etc, I know I can count on your continued vigilance with regard to keeping children safe and limiting the spread of infection.

The current guidance is described below:

If children show symptoms (high temperature, cough, loss of sense of taste or smell) they should get a PCR test – Lateral Flow Tests are only designed for people without symptoms. Children who have symptoms but have not had a test will be treated as if they are positive and must isolate.

If children are positive (either from a PCR test or from a Lateral Flow Test) they should isolate and stay away from school. Start counting the isolation period from the day of the test.

On day 5 children can take a Lateral Flow Test. (Do this when children first get up in the morning.)

On day 6 children can take another Lateral Flow Test. (This must be at least 24hours after the last one.)

If both Lateral Flow Tests are negative children can return to school on day 6.

If children have a family member who has tested positive and who is isolating they are strongly advised to do daily Lateral Flow Tests to give an early warning if they become positive.

Once again, I appreciate the efforts that you are making to keep everyone safe and to keep school open.

Kind regards

S. Waddington


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