September 2021

Dear Parents

It is a joy and a relief to have been able to return to school in this new academic year in circumstances which are approaching the normal school life that we were used to before Covid-19. Children have been mixing together at playtimes and lunchtimes and enjoying each other’s company, socializing and learning from each other. I hope that these improved circumstances can continue, as children learn most effectively from real situations and from interactions with their teachers and peers.

We are however continuing with additional cleaning of the school building and with frequent hand washing and sanitizing. We will continue to call you if necessary and ask that no-one with Covid-19 symptoms attends school. It’s vital that we maintain face to face teaching for children for as long as possible.

I very much appreciate the efforts that all of our families have made and continue to make to look after each other through this difficult time.

Kind regards

S. Waddington


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