Year 6


Please see the photo above of the way we are beginning to prepare the classroom; this may help with the difficult decision as to whether to send your children back to school when we re-open.

Welcome to Year 6.

In order to help parents to continue their children’s education as effectively as possible and to open channels of communication between home and school we are setting up class email addresses for each teacher. The address for your class is

As you are aware, teachers are posting learning tasks and links to educational websites on their class pages on a weekly basis. The email addresses can be used to ask teachers questions about the weekly tasks and about how to teach certain aspects of the curriculum. Don’t worry about asking questions that may seem daft; it’s much better to ask than to struggle on or to avoid certain subjects or topics.

I would not expect that there would be more than one or two emails per child per week. Please limit your emails to questions about children’s learning, and the tasks which have been posted each week and don’t return completed worksheets for marking. Teachers will aim to respond within two working days but will not be responding with additional tasks for individual children.

Many thanks, Mr Waddington


Hi to all the Year 6 children, parents and carers,

We hope you are keeping safe and well. Well done if you completed any home learning activities last week. That’s great! Thanks to those of you who tweeted your work it was lovely to see it. We have posted some new home learning tasks below. This included English, maths, PE, geography, PSHCE/mindfulness and art activities. As usual, a suggested timetable has been included for you if you and your family would prefer some structure. Alternatively, you can complete the tasks in any order you like. As it would be half term next week, we will not be posting any home learning next week so these activities will stay on the web page the following week too.

I wanted to provide some fiction reading tasks for you. Monday’s reading comprehensions follow the same format as last week. There are three versions of the texts and questions which get harder as you go along. Select the texts and questions your feel confident with or try all the questions if you want to. As usual, answers are provided.  For Tuesday’s reading task the format is a bit different. There is a text to read and a set of questions to answer which are in a separate document.  There are variety of questions so just try to do as many as you can. The answers are in a third document for you to mark your work afterwards.  You also have a grammar activity and an advert planning and writing task. We have left the Year 5 and 6 spellings and activities on so you can continue to work on these.

For maths, there are some suggested arithmetic and number activities from the My Mini Maths site. I have also included some daily problem-solving tasks where the problems get progressively harder as you go along. Feel free to complete the maths tasks and activities you feel confident with or want to do. You don’t have to do them all. Answers are available at the end of the sheet or on the My Mini Maths site.

There are three more Rivers and the Water Cycle tasks which Mrs Gresty has provided. We have left on the optional task from this topic where you can make your own mini water world if you are able to. There is an additional optional task too if you would like to do this. We are also leaving the ongoing mindfulness tasks if you wish to continue to use these as they may be helpful for you, particularly during this difficult time. This includes Meaningful May daily tasks and some top tips for managing your feelings during lockdown.  You may also want to continue with your lockdown diary and write a daily or weekly entry; it is up to you.

We have included an art sketching activity where you can practice some sketching skills and then produce your own sketch of a face. We would love to see your  art plus any other completed home learning tasks you would like to share; so please post some to the school twitter feed @hollins grundy.

As usual there are a number of links to websites you may wish to visit. This includes a list of online sites and resources recommended by the DFE.

We hope you enjoy the tasks. Once again, please don’t feel any pressure to complete all activities or visit all sites; just do what you can. If any parents and carers have questions please use the above email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We hope you stay safe and well. We are really missing you all and hope to see you soon,

Mrs Jacques and Mrs Gresty




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