Year 6


Welcome to our Year 6 class page.

Hi everyone,

Well done again for an amazing effort with your home learning this week. It has been lovely to see you in the video lessons and you have completed some great work in Teams. We are really impressed with you all! Today’s (Friday’s) timetable is:

Lesson 1 9.00 Independent PE go to Teams posts for links to use

Lesson 2 9.30 Maths – Teams meeting  with Mrs Gresty. Please bring paper and a pen or pencil. Follow up work to be posted on Teams after the lesson.

Lesson 3  10.55 Spellings Test Teams meeting with Mrs Gresty. Please bring paper and a pen or pencil

Lesson 4 12.30 story.

Afternoon – Independent PSHE/art lesson to be posted on Teams.

You can also finish and submit any other activities you have not had a chance to do this week. Don’t forget you can also practise your 100 words spellings at anytime. You should have your lists. There is a link below to the words if you need them and some suggested ways to practise your spellings. You should all have reading books too. We have sent parents with a log in to Oxford Owls where children can access online books to read too. You could also use the link on this page if you want to read a classic book online.

Please note we do not put all the work on Teams in one go but throughout the day so you don’t try to complete follow up work before the lesson. This means there may be a short delay between work appearing on Teams after the video lesson especially if we are dealing will any questions from children  who have stayed on after the video lesson to ask a question. Be patient please and your work will be there. Likewise, afternoon work will appear on Teams in the afternoon.

Children can use the post section in Microsoft Teams if they are having any technical issues or problems with the work. Please can this be used by the children only. Use this sensibly please. Remember if someone asks the teacher a question it is important you don’t answer it with the wrong information. Also, you should not need to ask about the daily timetable as it is here and in Teams.

Your class email address is: . Parents can use this email if they need to contact us.

We are happy that work is submitted in different ways on Teams depending on what is easiest for you. Word document worksheets can be typed on saved and submitted. Or sheets can be printed out, written on, photographed and submitted. Alternatively, work can be completed on paper and photographed and submitted. You can even type work on a separate word document if you prefer. We realise this will depend on the task too.

Happy learning and keep up the hard work you are doing brilliantly; we are really proud of you all. Look forward to seeing you today (Friday)  at 9.30am,

Kind regards

Mrs Jacques and Mrs Gresty










Who works in the class? Mrs Jacques and Mrs Gresty (class teachers)

Mrs Moran (teaching assistants)

Mrs Holt (1:1 support)

Start and Finish times: Year 6’s day will start at 9.05am with children arriving at the bottom gate. Our school day will finish at 3:30pm and leave the building using the bottom gate.
When are spelling tests? Thursday.  Spellings will be posted on the class page for each group.
When is homework set? Homework will be uploaded on to Microsoft Teams every Friday. Your child will have 6 days to complete their task online- it will be marked every Thursday. Log ins will be sent to parents and carers via text message.
What are procedures for reading books? Children will have the opportunity to change their reading book on Fridays. Children will receive a book from the reading scheme or a free reader depending on their ability. The frequency children change books will depend on the book the children are reading. We understand children may need to keep a longer book for more than a week.
When are PE days this half term? Thursday and Friday. Please send your child into school wearing their PE kit on the days they have PE. They can wear navy or black joggers over their PE shorts and trainers. They can also wear their school jumper or cardigan. Pumps can be kept in bags for indoor PE.
PE kit is black shorts, T-shirt (in house colour) , pumps. For outdoor sports trainers & tracksuit pants are recommended.
Rewards for hard work & good behaviour. All children can earn house-points for their house and for themselves (Smile & Good Work assemblies, Maths stars, Class reward charts)
Consequences for lack of effort and poor behaviour Behaviour boards –  green – amber – red. Letters home for 3 Always tickets in a week lost or 3 Reflection Room sessions at lunchtime over a half-term.
Anything else relevant for your year group SATS will take place on the week beginning Monday 10th May

Monday GPS test, Tuesday Reading test, Wednesday Maths Paper 1 and 2, Thursday Maths Paper 3







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