April 2021 – Easter holidays and contact tracing

1st April 2021
The Department for Education has once again asked that schools continue contact tracing after the end of term. To help us do this could I please ask parents to email if your child receives a
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March 2021 – Packed Lunch Advice

25th March 2021
Packed Lunches Brought From Home Packed Lunch Contents Advice: Developing and encouraging healthy eating habits in childhood can influence health and well-being in later life. Please help us to promote healthy eating
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March 2021 – School restart & traffic down the lane

12th March 2021
It's been great to see how positive and excited children have been about returning to school. The week has been very busy with everyone getting reacquainted with their friends and getting back into school routines. This
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March 2021 – The Grand Re-opening

5th March 2021
Have a lovely weekend everyone and a big rest in preparation for the Hollins Grundy family being all back under one roof from next Monday. We're really looking forward to seeing everyone together again. Don't forget your
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February 2021 – Term Dates Next Year

25th February 2021
Next year's term dates have now been published here:
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February 2021 – School Opening 8th March

25th February 2021
As you will know from the Prime Minister's announcement earlier this week all children will be able to return to school from the 8th March. Essentially, we will be returning to the system we were operating during the autumnn
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January 2021 – Critical Worker Place Policy 2021

29th January 2021
Please find below our Critical Worker Place Policy 2021 which has been developed as a result of increasing concern for the safety of children and staff due to increasing numbers of requests for places in school for the
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January 2021- Remote learning and critical worker places

27th January 2021
Many thanks for the positive comments sent in by parents about the quality of learning that your children are receiving, whether that is the remote learning children are experiencing at home or the face to face learning in
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January 2021 – Additional school mobile numbers

26th January 2021
Due to some staff working from home when possible you may get calls from phone numbers you do not recognise. Please note the following numbers as school contacts: 07881 082824 - This number is Mrs Richardson. She will be
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January 2021 – Numbers Of Children In School

11th January 2021
Thank you to all parents, children and staff who have worked so hard to make last week and the beginning of this week a success. The short notice that we were all given about school closures meant that people had to work
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