School Meals


Dinner Payments

Meals cost £2.30 per day or £11.50 per week.
A two course school meal is offered daily. All food in schools must meet nutritional standards so that children have healthy, balanced diets.

On offer each day there is:

  • A minimum of two choices of main course with vegetables or salad, plus potatoes or an alternative carbohydrate such as pasta (in many schools there is also a third choice option of jacket potato with a variety of fillings)
  • A Halal choice
  • Two choices of dessert or fresh fruit
  • Extra bread
  • A vegetarian choice
  • A drink which could be fruit juice, milk or water

There will never be:

  • Fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate or sweets in school meals and vending machines
  • More than 2 portions of deep-fried food a week

If your child requires a special diet, our cook will be happy to discuss their needs with you.

Are you entitled to free school meals?

If you are in receipt of certain benefits and have a household income that doesn’t exceed the current government threshold, you could be entitled to free school meals for your child. For further information or to register, please visit the web link opposite or contact:

Customer Support & Collections,

7 Whittaker Street,


M26 9TD

Tel 253 5858


School Grid – e-payment and menu selection
To help make it as easy as possible for you to pay for school meals we have introduced an e-payments system which allows you to pay for school meals remotely. The system is called School Grid and more information can be found through the link opposite.


Packed Lunches Brought From Home

Packed Lunch Contents Advice:

Developing and encouraging healthy eating habits in childhood can influence health and well-being in later life. Please help us to promote healthy eating when thinking about the contents of your child’s packed lunch.

  • Put in a sandwich with a good protein source (meat, fish, cheese, vegetarian-meat substitute) is a better choice for energy to learn, muscle and brain development.
  • A good balance of protein, healthy carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, pasta salad, rice salad) and fruit/vegetables and minimal refined sugar snacks and drinks help ensure your child has all the energy they need to have a great afternoon at school.
  • Please do not send your child with fizzy drinks, glass bottles/containers (can shatter) or chocolate bars.
  • You can find ideas for healthy packed lunches at

Please remember that we are a nut free school (to protect children with allergies) and nuts should not be brought into school in either snacks or packed lunches.


  • Snacks can be eaten during morning playtime.
  • We encourage all pupils to have a healthy snack, to help keep their energy levels up until lunchtime.
  • Fruit is available free of charge to all KS1 children.
  • KS2 children need to bring in their own healthy snack from home.
  • Children may bring a healthy snack to eat such as cheese, fruit, vegetables or low sugar cereal bar.
  • Please do not send chocolate, biscuits, crisps or messy or time-consuming snacks e.g. yoghurt with spoon.


All children attending school can have milk to drink at playtime. Please sign up for this using the following link:

If your child is under 5 years old or is entitled to benefits related Free School Meals then the milk is free (just tick the appropriate box). If not the milk will cost 23p per day.

The milk will then be delivered to school for your child.

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