Year 1


We will set homework this week. Homework will be available to download on SeeSaw. Children should complete this at home and upload a photo or copy to SeeSaw instead of returning it to school. There is a main task and some spelling/phonics games that will help the children to learn their Year 1 spelling words and phonics sounds.

I would encourage the children to try all the tasks on there, but the main homework task should be the focus over the week. Homework should be done by Thursday the following week and the children will earn house points for completing the main task each week.

SeeSaw codes will be sent out to you; for this week (17.9.21), homework has been printed and sent home with the children.

Spelling game

Help a hedgehog – Phonics

New Class Meetings

On Tuesday 21st September, we will be holding some new class meetings.

3 sessions are scheduled. 2 of these will be held in the hall and one will be held remotely on Microsoft Teams after the school day has ended.

  • 9:00am (on site, in the hall)
  • 3:00pm (on site in the hall)
  • 5:00pm (Microsoft Teams)

These short sessions are to talk through what we will be looking at this year, class routines and expectations and other key information. Places do not need to be booked in advance. The remote session at 5:00pm will need you to sign in with your child’s Microsoft Teams account.

Year 1 – New Class Information

Reading books

Book change over days are Wednesdays. Please send in your child’s reading book on Wednesday. We cannot guarantee that books will be able to be changed on  the other days of the week.

Who works in the class? Mr McKenzie – Class Teacher

Mrs Mercer-Brown – Teaching Assistant (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Friday AM)

Mrs Sellers – 1:1 Support

Important Information Year 1 begin the school day at 8.45am and finish at 3.30pm.

Drop off/collection is at the Key Stage 1 playground gate.

Late arrivals should contact the school office.

If another relative or someone other than a parent is collecting, please inform a member of staff at the gate or contact the school office.

When are spelling tests? Spellings as part of the ‘Read, Write Inc’ Phonics scheme. The children complete these when they are on yellow, blue or grey books. These will be part of their Read, Write, Inc sessions.
Contact Class email

Homework This year, homework will be set electronically. The work should be completed and uploaded to SeeSaw. Work will be accessible each Friday.
What are procedures for reading books? We kindly ask that books are returned on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays. New reading books will be given on these days. We encourage daily reading at home and for children to re-read books to develop their familiarity with a text.

Please understand that in some instances there may be a slight delay in providing your child with a new reading book. We would encourage the children to read their book more than once to develop their fluency and understanding of the text.

When are PE days? Our PE days will be Tuesday and Wednesday

Children should bring their PE kit into school on Tuesdays; They will be getting changed in their classroom and change back into their uniform once the lesson has ended. We recommend that the children leave their PE kit in school on Tuesday as we have another PE session the following day.


At some point in the year, we will be having time with a PE coach. This will mean that  the day we have our lesson may change, but you will be updated and informed as soon as possible.


Year 1 will have a phonics screening test in June. It is important that they keep up to date with all their sounds. We use the Read Write Inc scheme in school and it is recommended that you practice these sounds with your child at home.

You will find a link to the official Read, Write Inc YouTube channel in our useful links section.

This contains highly useful videos focus as word reading, blending, spelling and tutorials for parents on how to correctly  read sounds with your child.

Please find below a copy of the Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds.

Set 1 Speed sounds

Set 2 and 3 Speed sounds

Phonics Screening Check guide for parents

Phonics Screening Check: Information for parents

Rewards for hard work & good behaviour. All children can earn individual house-points for demonstrating a hard-working or thoughtful attitude, as well as being helpful, kind or otherwise a good citizen.

Children have ‘Always’ tickets. They begin each week with five ‘Always’ tickets and only lose a ticket should their name be moved to red (see below).

Consequences for lack of effort and poor behaviour

Behaviour boards

Green – all children begin each day on green and remain there unless their behaviour results in them being moved down.

Amber – children who have shown a poor attitude to work and play or shown behaviour that is not acceptable will be moved down to amber. This acts as a warning and allows the children an opportunity to reflect on their choices/behaviour.

Red – If children persist with poor behaviour or effort, their name will be moved from amber to red. This will also result in the loss of one always ticket. A letter will be sent home if a child loses 3 always tickets in a week.

Reflection room – If a child shows poor behaviour during lunch/play time, they will be sent to the reflection room to think about their behaviour and choices. If a child is sent to reflection room 3 times in one half -term, a letter will be sent home.

Anything else relevant for your year group

Year 1 complete a Phonics Screening check in the Summer term.

We promote independence in Year 1, wherever possible and would encourage you to do the same at home.

Below is a copy of the Year 1 common exception words that the children will be tested on throughout the year. I would encourage you to practice these at home with your child frequently.

Year 1 Common Exception Words




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