Year 1

Welcome to our class page. We hope you enjoy sharing all of our news about the many exciting and fun things we do in the year 1 class.

Please see below the overview of information given out at our new class meeting in September:

Who works in the class? Miss Cuncarr is the class teacher & Mrs Heald is the teaching assistant. Mrs Heald is an HLTA and teaches the class when Miss Cuncarr is not in.
What are this term’s topics? Watch out – the Aliens are coming!
When are spelling tests? Children in Year 1 do spellings as part of ‘Read, Write Inc’ when they are on yellow, blue or grey books. These will be once a week.
When are arithmetic/mental maths tests? In Year 1 children focus on mental maths strategies in autumn term. In the spring and summer term they do a mental arithmetic from a CD (which is timed and varies in the types of questions asked) on Monday each week.
When is homework sent out? English and maths homework is sent home each week on Thursday in their homework folder and should be returned on or before the following Tuesday.  A topic homework grid is sent home termly, please hand tasks in once completed.
What are procedures for reading books? Please read for pleasure daily with your child, little and often is best. Please ask your child questions about their book, and ask them to predict what they think will happen next.Children should bring their reading books and dairies into school daily.  Please sign the diary if your child has read. You can also include any other comments regarding their reading in the diary. Books for changing can be put in the reading box at any time.
When are PE days? This term PE is on Tuesday and Thursday. PE Kits should remain in school for the whole term, and will be sent home to be washed on the last day of term.
PE kit is …coloured house t-shirt (red, green, yellow or blue depending on house), black shorts and black pumps. Kit should be in school ready for every PE lesson. Please make sure that children’s PE kit is clearly named.
Rewards for hard work & good behaviour. All children can earn house-points for their house and for themselves. Smile & Good Work assemblies, Maths stars and Class reward charts are other whole school reward systems.
Consequences for lack of effort and poor behaviour Behaviour boards –  green – amber – red. Letters will be sent home for 3 lost Always tickets in a week.  Letters will be sent home for 3 Reflection Room sessions at lunchtime over a half-term.
Anything else relevant for your year group Year 1 will do a phonic screening test in June 2018.Please put spare underwear and socks in your child’s PE bag in case of accidents.We promote independence in Year 1, wherever possible. Please keep up the good work!


Star of the Day has been introduced to Year One to celebrate a range of achievements.


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