Year 5


Welcome to the Year 5 class page.

 Please find below an overview of information given at our new class meeting in September:

Who works in the class? Mr McCrudden & Mrs Hughes teach in year 5.
What are this term’s topics? A whole school topic grid is on the curriculum page of the website. Individual year group grids are on class pages.
When are spelling tests? Friday
When are arithmetic/mental maths tests? Thursday
When is homework sent out? English and maths homework is sent home each week on Thursday and should be returned on Wednesday.A topic homework grid is also sent home with a homework book.
What are procedures for reading books? Reading skills are taught in English lessons.Reading books are the responsibility of your child and should be noted in their reading record.
When are PE days? Monday (basketball) and Wednesday (rounders)
PE kit is coloured house t-shirt (red, green, yellow or blue depending on house), black shorts and black pumps. Kit should be in school ready for every PE lesson. Please make sure that children’s PE kit is clearly named.
Rewards for hard work & good behaviour. All children can earn house-points for their house and for themselvesSmile & Good Work assembliesMaths starsClass reward charts
Consequences for lack of effort and poor behaviour Behaviour boards –  green – amber – redLetters home for 3 Always tickets in a week lost or3 Reflection Room sessions at lunchtime over a half-term


Jodrell Bank
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  • IMG_3305-Small1

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  • IMG_3357-Small

  • IMG_3358-Small

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  • IMG_3363-Small

Year 5 had a great day learning about space at Jodrell Bank. Thank you very much Manchester University for a fantastic experience.

Year 5 have been showing off their dance moves. Have a look at the fantastic dance they have created.

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