June 2024 – New Classes for September 2024
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24th June 2024

New Classes for September 2024

Thank you for you support  and commitment as parents and carers over the last academic year. Whilst there are still a few busy weeks left before this year finishes we are also making preparations for the new school year in September. We have already met our new Reception class families and are looking forward to our Move Up Day this Wednesday for other children.

Please find below our class arrangements for September 2024.

Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
Reception Mrs Rhodes Mrs Abbotts, Mrs Sellars
Year 1 Mrs McCrory Miss Litherland
Year 2 Miss Starr Mrs Sajjid
Year 3 Mr McKenzie Mrs Guler
Year 4 Mr McCluskey Mrs Moran
Year 5 Mrs Spencer Mrs Hughes
Year 6 Mrs Jacques Mrs Hughes

In addition to the staff already mentioned we also have other adults working with children:

  • Mr Richardson will teach in Years 2, 4, 5 & 6.
  • Mrs Richardson is our Pastoral Support Adviser and deals with non-academic matters affecting children and their families.
  • Mr Thomas-Stanley and Ms Djamalis work in the school office dealing with all parents and children
  • Welfare assistants supervise all children on a daily basis at lunchtime
  • Trainee teachers or teaching assistants may be working in some classes from time to time

On Wednesday 26th of June we will be having our “Move Up” day in school when children will spend time with the teacher who will be their class teacher next year. The day gives children an opportunity to be introduced to their new class routines, timetables and expectations etc.

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